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Meet Jim Stinchecum and Vince Stinchecum

First State Inventory allows brothers Jim and Vince Stinchecum to help others by providing essential personal property inventory services that most people do not realize they need until after the fact. Fueled by their own experiences and a desire to make a positive difference, they know all too well the feeling of being unprepared.


In short, it’s personal!


In 1990 their childhood home was destroyed by fire which started from faulty electrical wires after 16 years without issue. They were blessed that no one was injured during the disaster, but what stands out the most about that stressful time was the painstaking process that began with the cleanup and dealing with the insurance company to start rebuilding their home and getting their lives back to normal.


They have vivid memories of the family spending several weeks in a toxic environment combing through what was left after the fire. Struggling with the pungent smell of smoke while cleaning off a lifetime’s worth of burnt, soot-covered belongings, they attempted to prepare a detailed inventory for the insurance company. Despite all the time and effort dedicated to compiling an accurate inventory, there was still a considerable difference between what was “actually lost” and the final insurance settlement.


Jim StinchecumJim has been in the service industry for over 25 years. After his service to our country in the United States Army, he acquired and maintains a Master plumbers license. His successful experience as project manager for both government and private sector jobs is a testimony to his integrity and attention to detail in all aspects of the service he offers.


Vince StinchecumVince has owned and operated a successful nationwide transportation business for over five years. With 23 years of experience in various fields including security and telecommunications, he understands what it takes to provide top level service for his clients. A large network of professional relationships developed over two decades allows him to evaluate each client’s needs and provide the best course of action.


Being aware that most people have the knowledge and tools available to complete an inventory themselves, they also know that due to the demands of today’s fast-paced lifestyle, this simple yet extremely important task often ends up at the bottom of the to do list.


Now providing inventory services, Jim and Vince combine their skills, customer service backgrounds, and desire to help others. In addition to preparedness documentation that assists with disaster recovery, their inventory service is essential for many other life events and business activities that require or benefit from a list of one’s assets.


Located in Lewes, Delaware, Jim and Vince have completed all required courses and received the designation of Certified Inventory Specialist through the National Inventory Certification Association. They are insured and hold a business services bond.

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